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Welcome to Lifeline Yoga and More. Instructor Karen Klussendorf offers yoga, personal training, Pilates, meditation courses, and seasonal and personalized retreats in Woodland, California and neighboring Davis. Classes are available at several different times and locations throughout the week, providing a wide spectrum of opportunities for practitioners of all levels to find their balance, strengthen their bodies, still their minds and open their hearts. It’s all about finding your groove and creating the practice that works best for you.


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Why Yoga and More?

Yes, Lifeline offers choices beyond yoga, but more also refers to something deeper, something personal added to the practical. Anyone can run you through exercises or put you on a personal training path, but Karen emphasizes connection and brings a caring heart and creative mind to every class, retreat and session. Instruction is individualized to the students’ needs and desires, often on the fly, with Karen shifting the focus of the class to meet the energy of the room. Honoring the spirit of the space and the people sharing it adds depth and significance to the experience, making it more than exercise, more than a workout. Tuning in to why we do what we do, bringing more consciousness, more caring, more intention to our practice.

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